Goran Dragic is no longer a member of the Toronto Raptors team

One of the veterans of basketball and the Toronto Raptors team, Goran Dragic has left his team. A player who has spent enough time playing for this team left it of his own accord.
Before the game against the Boston Celtics, it came as a surprise to everyone that the main defender of the Toronto Raptors did not take part in the game and was not listed as a member of the main squad. The team’s management announced this only on the eve of the game.
The head coach of the team said that Goran Dragic is a great person who knows how to work well in a team. He also praised the player for his professionalism and excellent skills. Each player was very pleased to play on the field next to such a wise and experienced player.
The Slovenian player has played five games for the Toronto Raptors. During his performances, he showed pretty good results, despite the small number of matches played. It should also be added that since October 25, Goran Dragic has only played in one game.
But not only the head coach but also the general manager of the club expressed support for Goran Dragic. He said that the team understands well the reasons for his departure and will support the basketball player during this difficult period.
It was also emphasized that there are no exact dates for the player’s return.

Source: ESPN