How to bet on basketball safe from draining the budget?

To make a profit in the long run, you need to use the strategy of betting on basketball for total quarters and other effective methods developed by professional cappers.

Are there any win-win strategies for basketball betting?

On the Internet, you can easily find many methods that supposedly guarantee a 100% probability of winning. Remember one thing – no basketball strategy will give you even a 95% guarantee of victory. It only increases the chances of winning. But in basketball, as in any sports discipline, the result of a match can be unexpected. Therefore, in no case buy strategies. Many effective strategies are available online for free.
There are many strategies, and each capper selects the most suitable for himself. That is, the same basketball betting strategy for different basketball players can give different results. We suggest you familiarize yourself with several popular methods and choose the most optimal one.

Underdog strategy in basketball gambling

In a basketball game, four quarters or two periods of two quarters are played. The outcome in each part does not in any way affect the overall outcome of the match. Points are counted for the entire match. That is, having taken an advantage in one or two quarters, in the next segment the favorite can save strength and concede to an outsider.
According to the statistics, the weaker team often wins in at least one of the four periods. This is a chance to hit odds above 2.00 on the underdog. Experts advise using this basketball technique with the use of dogon, if you suddenly do not guess with the period.
The gambler is required to find a match in which a clear favorite will play against an outsider. The odds for a strong basketball team to win must be at least 1.30. In the pre-match list, bookmakers offer to bet only on the outcome of the first part. It is very important to build on the result for this period of time.

A bright example of using a strategy

Let’s say the Celtics team is playing against the Magic. The Celtics are considered the leader. Then we should bet on Magic. In the bookmaker’s line, we see a coefficient of 2.20 for an outsider to win in the first quarter:
We bet on the victory or zero handicap for Magic in the first quarter, using Dogon. The financial strategy of Dogon implies the minimum size of the first bid so that the player does not lose his entire bankroll.

If the outsider wins in the first basketball quarter, the capper should close the cycle and forget about this match. Then you should look for other basketball matches with a clear advantage of one of the teams. In this case, the cycle starts over.
If Magic loses the first quarter, use the catch-up further. Having lost the second one in a row, the odds for an outsider to win will rise. This simplifies the catch-up basketball strategy.
Continue increasing the next bid amount until you win. If the selected team fails to win in any of the quarters, we are looking for the next match.
According to statistics, there are almost never two matches in a row in which the outsiders do not take any of the quarters. Therefore, in the next fight, the capper will most likely win, having recouped all costs for a maximum of eight bets.

Odd / Even strategy: quarter total

One of the best basketball strategies used for part totals. Even beginners can quickly master it. And for successful bids you don’t need to study statistics for a long time. The probability of 50 to 50 applies to the fact that in a part the sum of the points scored by two teams will be paired or unpaired.

  • decide whether to bet on an even or odd number of points;
  • select a bookmaker and open a section with bets on basketball matches;
  • find a match for which bets are offered on odd or even total;
  • calculate the amount of the bid on one outcome – the total pot should be enough for at least 8 bets using catch-up;
  • place a wage on odd / even total of the first quarter;
  • after a losing bet, choose the amount of the next bet so that the winning will cover the previous expenses and bring money from above;
    make a bet until the bid comes in.

Strategy for total by quarters

To effectively apply the strategy of betting on basketball for total quarters, you will have to devote time to analyzing statistical data. Here you need to build on not only the bookmaker’s quotes. And if you just choose a match at random, the technique will not give the desired effect. It is necessary to choose a match where unstable teams participate, earning a lot of points in one period, and oppositely little in the other. Due to this, it is possible to alternate wages on TM and TB in quarters.
Before starting the meeting, it is important to decide which outcome and for which quarters you will choose. There are no recommendations here – the choice is made based on the gamer’s own preferences. However, the sequence of outcomes in the future should be constant.

How to play it safe when using strategies?

All of the above strategies are applied for separate periods, including a cycle of four bets. And in case of complete failure in one match, the number of bets can increase to eight, taking into account the second match. But the methods given in the article are so effective that four losses in a row in such cases are very rare. It is very rare to find basketball matches where all quarters end with the victory of the favorite, with an even number of points, or the teams do not break the base total anymore.